Hastings is a great place to go for a short break.

Helper / 9 mile canyon

Helper / 9 mile canyon 17 April 2019 Helper is a small railroad town in Utah. It is a very small town, and the people there tried to keep it looking as old as possible an they did a very good job of it. As it is small, there is not many places to eat,…

Kanab – Moab

Kanab – Moab 13 April 2019 Kanab is the home to Parry Lodge, where loads of actors in films filmed near there stayed. It is a fairly medium-sized town which has lots of restaurants and things to see. is right next to Zion National Park which has many geological sites that have been there for…

British Museum

Kids eye view of the famous British museum in london, UK with their Family guide to help us!