Thezan, France

Read this post for a short review of Thezan and the surrounding area.


Hastings is a great place to go for a short break.

Ivinghoe Beacon

Ivinghoe beacon is part of the ridgeway, which is a really nice walk that runs through part of England. You can bring a picnic if you like or just walk. Ivinghoe beacon is the start of it, near to a lot of ridges that were used for alerting all of the people nearby that an…

Helper / 9 mile canyon

Helper / 9 mile canyon 17 April 2019 Helper is a small railroad town in Utah. It is a very small town, and the people there tried to keep it looking as old as possible an they did a very good job of it. As it is small, there is not many places to eat,…

Harwich, UK

Harwich,UK 1st March 2019 Harwich is a nice little town which has a big port for shipping items and passengers! It is a great area for fossiling as it has a pebbly beach, so you may find sharks teeth and even some pipes! We found many teeth and pipes, and some are in the video…