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Apparently we can’t get back to the mainland from Lundy because there’s no water there. The M.S Oldenburg from Lundy Island is currently bobbing about in the lee of the mainland because there’s no water in Bideford (tides out). The boat will stay there for 2 hours. Before, the boat was sailing through the stormy…

Herm, Channel Islands

Herm, Channel Islands 15 August 2019 Herm is a lovely island in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of Guernsey. It has sandy beaches, which are great for swimming in the summer, and nice walks through and around the island. You have to get there by taking a boat/flying to Guernsey Airport and then…

Thezan, France

Read this post for a short review of Thezan and the surrounding area.


Hastings is a great place to go for a short break.

Bucharest, Romania (Guest post)

— Guest post — Bucharest, Romania 2012 summer A few years ago I visited Romania with a school trip. We stayed in Bucharest – though I forget the hotel name, sorry! We got to work in an orphanage, mostly planting plants and flowers and light building work. The most exciting part of the trip was…