Ivinghoe Beacon

Ivinghoe beacon is part of the ridgeway, which is a really nice walk that runs through part of England. You can bring a picnic if you like or just walk. Ivinghoe beacon is the start of it, near to a lot of ridges that were used for alerting all of the people nearby that an…

Orkney, Britain

Orkney, Scotland 28.12.18 Orkney is a nice (and windy) place name given to the islands at the top of Scotland. It is the home of Skara Brae, which is the most well-preserved stone age village in the world. Despite it being windy, it is a calm and remote place broken up into little islands. It…

Hastings, UK

Read this post about a seaside town called Hastings.

Christmas Special (York)

York, England December 21st 20187 This christmas we went to york. York was a fancy place in North england. It had loads of shops such as Antique shops, present shops and Fish ‘n’ Chip shops. It also had a christmas market with a variety of stalls to get small but nice presents. The market also…

Bloc hotel, Gatwick

Bloc hotel 27 may 2017 Bloc hotel was a great airport hotel in Gatwick. You get a tablet to control the heating on or off, control the blinds (up or down) and to turn all the lights on or off. The bigger rooms have a view of the runaway. Also, their staff are very frendly….