The Isles of Scilly

Friday the 23rd of September 2020

The Scilly isles (St Mary’s, to be precise) is a bunch of islands out the sea from Cornwall. You can get there by boat, or by helicopter / plane. The main island is St Mary’s, which is the one that we stayed on. Walking round the whole island is about 10 miles, which we sadly did not do. It has great swimming beaches, lovely coastal walks and even some old iron age villages!

A large part of the island is called ‘The Garrison’ which is covered in batteries (old places where cannonballs were shot from) in the 18th century. You can walk round this in less than an hour.

There are many parts of the island which look good at certain times, like going up to Peninnis Head to watch the sunset, or round to Porth Hellick to have a nice swim in the sea (in summer).

The food choices were great, as the Scilly Fish van comes 4 times a week. Even at its busiest, its worth the wait! I ALWAYS go for the scampi, as it is just my FAVOURITE fish meal. What’s yours?

We also went to Tresco, which is one of the islands nearby. It had a small town and some nice beaches. My favourite part was the Tresco Abbey Gardens, which had red squirrels! These kind of squirrels were native to the UK, but grey squirrels came and spread a disease called squirrel pox. You can only find them in some parts of Scotland and some islands out to sea, like Tresco!

The Scilly isles is a place I would recommend for people who like sandy beaches with a nice sea breeze, or just calm and peacefulness.

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  1. Phillip says:

    Nice little trip it seems. The ruins look cool. Seafood is always delicious. We often enjoy shrimp, salmon and mahi mahi.


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