10 Things to do near Mousehole (near Penzance), Cornwall.

It has been a while since I have done a top 10 post, so lets go again! From 10th down to the best (1st), here we go!

10. Visit a small historic site. Around the area of Mousehole, there are many nice yet small ancient sites from the Stone Age onwards. For an example, we went to the Merry Maidens, which was a stone circle, and Men-an-tol, which was a short walk away but very interesting.

9. Try to get splashed by the waves on the pier. Sadly, the sea was hating me today and saved its splashes for the 3-30 seconds after I walked off the pier. You could try though!

8. Visit the Trebah Gardens. The Trebah Gardens are like Kew (in London – check my blog for an earlier post about Kew) but based in a valley and much smaller. Even though, the gardens are quite nice!

7. 2 Fore Street Resturant. The 2 Fore Street restaurant was a really nice restaurant. The dishes were a bit small but it had a good taste.

6. Rock Pool Cafe. The Rock Pool cafe was small and just off the seashore path and it was a really nice cafe that gave me a really great lunch

5. Visit the Minack Theatre. The Minack Theatre was a theatre that was exposed to the sky with old walls of cobblestone and seats with grass on it. The best thing about it is that the theatre was built on a cliff. People still play and tell stories at that theatre.

4. Visit the Telegraph museum. The Telegraph museum was an interactive museum explaining the whole journey of how the Telegraph system was made.

3. Visit Tate St Ives. There are 2 other Tates in the UK and this is the third one that I’ve never been to. It was small yet had good paintings and exhibits.

2. Visit Lewis’s Fish and Chips. This fish and chip shop was amazing. I had the scampi, and you can taste how fresh it is, which is something that is very unique.

1. Lands End. Lands end was a very, very tiny village with great views. It is the ‘end of the land’, or the beginning, depends on how you look at it. I would go there again and again if I could.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Steve Ellis says:

    Hi Silas, Thought you’d like to know, the link isn’t working. It says ‘page not found’.  I clicked on it to see what numbers 1 – 4 are!


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    1. silastravels says:

      It should be all working now


  2. silastravels says:

    Sorry everyone who clicked the link too early, but the WordPress app wasn’t working and it published it. Totally didn’t want that to happen!


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