Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland

Holy Island, Northumberland

28th December 2019

Lindisfarne is an “island” that is close to Berwick upon tweed. It is sometimes an island, sometimes not because to get to it, you need to wait for low tide then go across a causeway. If it floods, you can climb up the emergency shelter and call the coastguard. However, that happens very rarely and the causeway is always safe to cross but only if the tide is out. Read more on many websites. On the island, there is a castle, a priory, and a fairly large village. The highlight of the island for us was the Pilgrims’ Way. It is a walk from the mainland to the island. The route is marked by sticks sticking out from the water. You can even see the faintest hint of where the water goes up to! However, you may want to go with a walk guide, because there is a lot of mud and a bit of Quicksand and you may drown if you go at the wrong time. Our tour guide was called Mary Gunn, and she told us lots of very interesting facts about the walk. You can visit her website here. If you go on the walk, remember to bring good wellington boots! There are stories of people who were walking, and their boots got stuck in the mud!

At the bottom of the island, there are wavy, strong dunes of grass that used to be a war ground. It is (fairly) safe (you won’t get hurt), and you can walk across the dunes and back to the castle. There is a watchtower that has boards that tell you where and what everything is on the island. It really helps you get an understanding of what the island was used for! I learnt that Saint Cuthbert lived by himself on an island just by Holy Island.

The Pilgrims’ way walk.

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  1. I bet your boots were muddy!

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    1. silastravels says:

      They were! In fact, very muddy!

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  2. John says:

    Very nice. Handy to know about the quicksand. I wouldn’t want to lose my boots!!

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