Hanmers, Lundy

Hanmers, Lundy (Bideford)

24 October 2019

Hanmers is a lovely cottage above the jetty on Lundy Island. Lundy is a small island 11 miles away from Bideford. To get to the island, you either take a helicopter or a boat called the M.S Oldenburg. Hanmers is a small cottage built by a fisherman a long time ago. My favourite part is the serving hatch, which is great for hosting puppet shows. It can sleep four people, 2 in bunk beds and 2 in a double bed. It is next to the Castle Keep, which is about 1 min walk. In my opinion, Hanmers is great for stargazing because it is dark outside at night and it’s a reasonable distance from the ‘village’. When we were there, which is now at the time of writing this, we saw the orionids meteor shower over the coast of Devon. On Lundy, I like to go and have a picnic at North Light, and for dinner have their delicious scampi and chips in the Marisco Tavern. Lundy is my favourite place to stay and Hanmers is my favourite cottage.

The view

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  1. Nice. Can you put a photo of the view?

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