Herm, Channel Islands

Herm, Channel Islands

15 August 2019

Herm is a lovely island in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of Guernsey. It has sandy beaches, which are great for swimming in the summer, and nice walks through and around the island. You have to get there by taking a boat/flying to Guernsey Airport and then taking a boat to the harbour at Herm Island. From there, you can just do whatever you want to! They will take your bags to the house, and if you booked it, bring groceries, too. We did (almost) all of the walks around the island. We had loads of ice-creams because it was summer and it was hot, and we also went swimming multiple times. The water was cold most of the time, though. However, it was still really relaxing to be in the sea. Some of the things that we saw on our trip were a neolithic burial grounds, we went up the top of the hill known as the ‘beacon’, and went for the long walk around the cliffs of the island. I would recommend Herm to whoever would like a nice, relaxing holiday by the sea. 2019-08-20_19-47-34_500.jpeg

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