Delft, Holland

Delft, The Netherlands

Delft is a wonderful town in Holland. It is famous for its pottery painting, known as Delft Blue. They draw patterns or art on tiles and then they fire it. It also has an old church and a new church. We went up the tower in the new church and had a short visit inside it, but we couldn’t go up the tower in the old church because the tower in the old church is actually leaning almost like the leaning tower of Pisa! We took loads of photos and wished that we were here for longer. Maybe we will come back one day. There are loads to see in Delft and we had a very good time. It is only a 1-hour walk from The Hague but you could just drive. We came on the train from Utrecht which is also a nice town in Holland. There are loads of canals, which most are covered in bright, green moss. I would recommend Delft to someone who wants to go for a relaxing, charming holiday.

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  1. What was the food like in Delft?

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    1. silastravels says:

      The food in Delft was very nice. There was this cafe called Kek which had amazing food!


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