Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a nice town in Holland. It has many canals that you can take very nice boat trips around the city. We were in the centre of town in an area known as the Nine Streets. We visited the Rijksmuseum which was an art gallery and a museum. It is the most famous in Holland. I thought is was brilliant because it had many interesting artefacts. In the evening, you can go out and see all the canals lit up and the boats sailing past. You can also go and see the Van Gogh museum, which is also very interesting as well. if you want to, you can go and see the Anne Frank House. Anne frank had to go into hiding from the Nazis because they didn’t like the Jewish religion and wanted to kill all Jews and gypsies. You can go tho the exact room where she hid. Amsterdam is a great place to go for a short holiday.

The Square Man, by Karel Appel