Top 5 things to do in the South of France

My top 5 things to do in the South of France.

We stayed near to Narbonne (in Thezan) and this is my top 5 list of things to do with kids…

5. Eat french food

The food that comes from Southern France is one of the best In the world. They have mule frites, crepes and loads of other delicious foods that you are sure to enjoy.

4. Visit an abbey

Abbeys are places of worship where monks used to/still do go to prayer. In most of them, you can go inside and see the beautifully decorated, old interior. Two of the closest ones were Abbaye de Fontfroide and Abbaye de Largrasse. They were both really good and cool in the hot weather.

3. See the castles / Carcassonne

Don’t miss out on seeing the Cathar Castles, which were used to defend the Cathar’s religion, or Carcasonne, which is a town inside thick walls as defence.

2. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea

You can easily get to the Mediterranean Sea from the almost anywhere in the South of France. It is a very nice place to go and have a fun day out. I went swimming at Narbonne but there are beaches EVERYWHERE so do some exploring and find your own spot. Don’t forget your sun cream.

1. Swim in the rivers

As first place, we have the beautiful rivers of Southern France! They are an excellent place to go for a relaxing dip on a hot day, but be careful of the fish who claim the cool, shallow rivers as their home!

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