WWT London Wetlands Centre

WWT London Wetlands Centre, UK

Saturday 6 July

The WWT London Wetlands Centre Centre is a place in Barnes, London which has lots of animals such otters, swans and ducks. My favourite part is the Wild Walk which is round the back from the normal path and it has wobbly bridges, balance beams and a climbing place. There is a little cafe which sells snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are loads of different species of duck, Eider duck and the Iraqi duck. There are loads of different types but I couldn’t fit them all in! At 10am and 2pm, if your timings are right then you can see the otters being fed! There are other events as well such as Swan feedings and Duck feedings. Sometimes, you get to feed them as well! All around the place there are loads of hides where you can take your camera and wait for birds to come. One of the hides is close to a farm and the cows wander over towards it so remember to check all the hides out!

I would recommend WWT London Wetlands Centre to people who want a quiet, relaxing day out.

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