Ivinghoe Beacon

Ivinghoe beacon is part of the ridgeway, which is a really nice walk that runs through part of England. You can bring a picnic if you like or just walk. Ivinghoe beacon is the start of it, near to a lot of ridges that were used for alerting all of the people nearby that an important event/thing is happening. It works by one ridge will light a fire, and the next one will see the fire and light theirs, and then the next one will see, and so on. The walk is close by to these ridges, but there is a separate walk that goes over some of them. Either way, it is a really nice place to go for a really good day out. Ivinghoe beacon is just around an hour drive from London, so it is recommended to go to if you are staying/living in London. Also, Ivinghoe beacon is close to some bluebell woods that have bluebells in them in April/May. Sometimes, there is a “Van Cafe” which is a little cafe which sells drinks/snacks.

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  1. Lovely walk for a dog

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    1. silastravels says:

      It is! Me and my family brought a friend’s dog called Lola, which is an old Lurcher (in dog years)


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