Kanab – Moab

Kanab – Moab

13 April 2019

Kanab is the home to Parry Lodge, where loads of actors in films filmed near there stayed. It is a fairly medium-sized town which has lots of restaurants and things to see. is right next to Zion National Park which has many geological sites that have been there for a large amount of years. It has some gift shops and is close to the Paria Ghost Town/Movie set, where many cowboy films where filmed. We stayed in the Parry lodge, in the room that Ronald Reagan stayed in when he was staying, years ago. It felt like a really safe, relaxing and fun-filled town. Luckily, we were there at the time when there were geologists there who let me do gold panning and we found lots of minerals and a trace of gems.

On the journey to Blanding we went to the famous view called Horseshoe Bend of Glen Canyon. We also went to Monument Valley which is where some other films where filmed as well because it is very scenic and it is a great place to go to. We went on a horse down the road in Monument Valley. It was great fun!

Blanding is a town that we didn’t stay in for long. We arrived late at night and had to leave early in the morning but we managed to see the Dinosaur museum where they had a model of the brontosaurus of King Kong that was used in the film!

Moab was right next to Arches National Park which has many natural arches that have been there for many years. We stayed right in the centre of the town, in a really cool flat with a hot tub. It was also close to Canyonlands National Park where you can look down at many sights (mostly canyons) which are breathtaking and has really good photo-stops. In the town, we saw a rock shop with many minerals and gems.

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  1. Great. Proper cowboy

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  2. ruth nolan says:

    Amazeballs! What a lot of rocks

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    1. silastravels says:

      Yes, there was lots of rocks!


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