Harwich, UK


1st March 2019

Harwich is a nice little town which has a big port for shipping items and passengers! It is a great area for fossiling as it has a pebbly beach, so you may find sharks teeth and even some pipes! We found many teeth and pipes, and some are in the video below! It has a 2p slots place down the road, around 30 minutes from the pier/quayside. We stayed in a little apartment in the Quayside court, and you might want to consider staying there for a weekend, or even the holidays! It has a beach as well, and if you and your children want to build a sandcastle, then I would recommend that beach as it has damp sand.

In the evening we went to see sea shanty singers called Kimber’s Men who were playing in the sailing club to raise money for the Harwich Sea Shanty festival.

This is a video I made about Harwich. The band is called Kimbers Men. Please like, subscribe and comment if you get a chance!

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