Orkney, Britain

Orkney, Scotland


Orkney is a nice (and windy) place name given to the islands at the top of Scotland. It is the home of Skara Brae, which is the most well-preserved stone age village in the world. Despite it being windy, it is a calm and remote place broken up into little islands. It is a very good place if you want to go on holiday, but it just as good if you want to go there for other reasons. A unique village in Orkney is Birsay, and there are nice places to stay at Birsay Northside, which is just down the road. The best restaurant (in my opinion) is Lucano, a pizza place in Kirkwall, the capital of Orkney. It also has a couple of burial tombs from the Stone age, and they were taken over by the Vikings later! Some of it I would recommend Orkney as a really good place to go.


Skara Brae




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  1. I liked it too. Very windy and a great game of football on New Year’s Day !

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