Lundy Island, Bristol Channel

Lundy Island, Bristol Channel

4th September 2018

Lundy Island was a great place in the Bristol channel. Part of Bideford, it has a few beaches and a jetty. It’s own passenger and cargo ship, the M.S Oldenburg runs most of the days of the year from Bideford or Ilfracombe. If you are travelling in the winter, you will get transported from the mainland at Hartland Point. All the staff are very frendily, they will always help you with your problems. Its Tavern, the Marisco Tavern is the heart of the village. It has a shop, the Lundy groceries store, which sells all that you need. It’s three miles long and half a mile wide, about 15 miles off the mainland. It has it’s own private letterbox system, which is a great challenge for kids and adults. You find the letterbox, stamp it, pick up a postcard (if there is one in it) or leave a postcard (you don’t HAVE to). You have to find all of the letterboxes from the map (available from the shop) and then you get a certificate of completion. The picture below is of a postcard I picked up in the letterbox at Rocket pole pond. If you wrote this card, please post a comment or hit that like button :). It is my FAVOURITE place to go on holiday, as you can either go on holiday OR do a day trip.

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