Channel View, Dungeness, UK

Sorry that I haven’t done posts in a long time

Dungeness, Britan’s Only Desert

19th of August, 2018

Dungeness is a great place for seal and porpoise spotting as it is the furthest tip of the south coast. The rocky beach is the best place to eat fish and chips, but if you walk further along the coast to New Romney, you can eat your snacks on the sand. Occasionally, you can go on tours in the Power Station, named Dungeness B. If you are lucky, you can see the Starlings mermerating high in the air. Intrestingly, Dungeness used to be under the ocean but it dried up and became land. There are many places to stay for some time near the coast, and you can go up the Old Lighthouse for only a small price. It’s empty fields and intresting plants make it a good place to visit all year round

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  1. Helen Roche says:

    Did you see the starlings? It sounds really interesting and a bit magical.

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    1. silastravels says:

      Yes, it was very magical.

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  2. Yorkshire Katey Mcgovern Pudding says:

    I hear that the place you are staying in has been built around an old railway carriage. Can you explain why the carriage was there on the beach in the first place?

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    1. silastravels says:

      There used to be an old train line down on the shore that got abandoned, and over time the sea and wind moved it to the road side

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  3. I found this on theromneymarsh website: “There are about 30 properties on the shingle beaches of Dungeness which started life as railway carriages. The main railway line had been opened for passengers in 1883 but an anticipated development of a harbour at Dungeness never happened, which led to the passenger services being withdrawn in 1937 and freight services in 1953.
    In the 1920s, the railway company allowed the redundant workers to purchase the old rolling stock and many lived in the abandoned carriages.
    Planning regulations were very different in those days, and people just dragged them onto the shingle and set up home.”

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