Kingswood Dearne Valley / Camp Quest UK

Kingswood Dearne Valley / Camp Quest UK

28th May 2018

Kingswood Dearne Valley is a large complex area with accomodation and lots of activities. You can do laser tag, campfire, zip-wire, aeroball, abseiling and loads of other activities. It is good for summer holidays, meetings, and for camps.

In 2018, Kingswood Dearne valley was the venue for Camp Quest. It started off as an american company, introduced to the UK in 2009. The 2018 theme was Thought. Camp Quest ( is a great chance for children to get a break from home, still feeling safe and happy. Junior camp is 7-11 year olds, and 11-17 for the senior camp. The camp is a organisation for children to learn by doing fun activities and crafts. They get to sleep on bunk beds with other children, and they even get a Camp Quest T-Shirt!! When I went there I had the most BRILLIANT time ever.


6 thoughts on “Kingswood Dearne Valley / Camp Quest UK

  1. Silas, I am so jealous. They did not have Camp Quest when I was your age. I had to go to church camp. Some of your post reminds me of that. But you got a lot more logic and reason than I did. I am glad you had fun and learned things. And glad that you are looking forward to next year.

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