Top ten things to do in Transylvania

In reverse order…

  • Try to speak Romanian
    Try to make people smile!
  • Visit a Cathedral
    Enjoy the style and keep calm!
  • Taste Ice-cream
    Yummy. Very yummy!
  • Climb Up a Tower
    I would reccomend towers where you can see a really nice view.
  • Visit the Fagaras Mountains
    I accidentally wore my sandals up there – it was freezing! You can take the nice drive up and then continue your journey up by cablecar!
  • Next is Visit the Bear Sanctuary
    I found it very sad that most of the bears have been in terrible situations. Luckily, they have been rescued by liBEARty and are now having fun.
  • Taste Lemonade
    In fact, in almost every single restaurant/cafe I had lemonade that was freshly squeezed from Lemons.
  • Go to Bran Castle
    You shouldn’t be scared, it was more frendly than I thought!
  • Last but not least is Sit in a paark
    We sat in the green space near Bran castle. We bought Hot dogs and Drinks from a a man’s stall and they were Delicious!

Transylvania was a nice place in Romania, which is fun, spooky and has lots of things to do!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. And also eating warm covrige from the bread shop


  2. Helen Roche says:

    It looks amazing, I really want to go there one day and see those beautiful houses and churches and castles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. silastravels says:

      You should, it’s really cool


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