British Museum

British Museum, London, UK

1st March, 2018

Did you know I come from and live in London? The British museum in London is famous for all of it’s artifacts. We went there and stayed for apx 5 hours. While we were there we got a Family guide, that can be easily picked up for £6 from the Great court.

image2The family guide is a game
where you go to all of the stops, which are objects, and you get to do lots of fun activities there, such as making poses, quizzes, hunting for symbols or signs on the object, making noises and memory games. At the end of the game you have a winner. My favourite part of the museum was the Mesopotamia. I liked it beacause it had some of my favourite games and objects such as the Royal game of Ur and the Standard of Ur   (which was a decorated pyramid). I would reccomend the British museum as a free-entry and very intresting place to go.


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