Bucharest, Romania (Guest post)

— Guest post —

Bucharest, Romania

2012 summer

A few years ago I visited Romania with a school trip. We stayed in Bucharest – though I forget the hotel name, sorry!
We got to work in an orphanage, mostly planting plants and flowers and light building work. The most exciting part of the trip was taking day trips out to see all of the sights around. Some of my favourite ones was Bran Castle (which is where Dracula is set). Its an absolutely gorgeous old historical castle with a great market around it.
I would recommend Romania as an inexpensive destination in Europe, with lots of exciting things to see!

Written by: Mairi (citrusandcinnamon.com)



2 thoughts on “Bucharest, Romania (Guest post)

  1. I found Romanian food to be similar to Turkish – there were lots of dolmade type things – stuffed peppers, mushrooms etc. Lots of stews as well. That said, we did visit a lot of pizza restaurants too though so you can get everything!

    Definitely not expensive at all, one of the cheapest places I’ve ever visited.

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