Christmas Special (York)

York, England

December 21st 20187

This christmas we went to york.
York was a fancy place in North england. It had loads of shops such as Antique shops, present shops and Fish ‘n’ Chip shops. It also had a christmas market with a variety of stalls to get small but nice presents. The market also had a mulled wine / cider van.

On the second day of our fantastic holiday my granny and grandpa came to visit us. They were well, and were having a nice time. Our apartment, known as the Music house

apartment, which was above Cafe Concerto, was located right next to the *York Minster!

(*The york minster is like a HUGE church that you can go inside and I haven’t been inside but I have heard it is beautiful! Here is what it sounds/looks like.)

We had a REALLY nice time!

Christmas 2017 The Music House, York
Walking down the shambles

As it is christmas, I have a surprise.

Keep coming back here to click the link to see SANTA!

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  1. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    I love York. I was born not far from there and used to visit regularly.

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  2. Steve Ellis says:

    Merry Christmas, Silas. Hope you have a great time. Love from Malaysia (hot here). Steve

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That’s the view taken from the window!


  4. Helen Roche says:

    What a great place to spend Christmas. Did they ring the bells in the cathedral?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. silastravels says:

      Yes they did. It went on for HOURS


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