Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Wadi rum desert, Jordan

May 29th 2015

Wadi rum desert was a hot place in Jordan. It’s very large. It had Sand dunes, Sculptures and loads of camels. My favourite sculpture was called Mushroom rock. Ahmed took us to see the sunset and he taught me how to play a game with only stones and sand! I think Ahmed is a bedouin (which is some one who lives in the desert). When I went there we arrived at a small camp, which we slept under the stars overnight. It was VERY VERY VERY exciting.

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  1. johnnynolan1 says:

    Nearly my favourite place ever. Yalla Yalla Yalla

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  2. Helen Roche says:

    Did it get cold at night? Did you see lots of stars? Any shooting stars? Those blankets look really soft and warm.

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    1. silastravels says:

      It was mild, we saw LOTS and LOTS of amazing stars, but no shooting stars. Suprisingly it was quite dark.

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  3. I would like to go there and spend a whole week living like a bedouin in a tent, but to be honest I would like Ahmed to come with us because he was a great cook and knew all the best places to go.


  4. Jane Gealy says:

    I loved my adventures in Jordan, this brings back so many happy memories. Thanks for sharing.

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