Rome, italy.

12 july 2017

Rome was a hot city in Italy. Italy was famous for granita, icecream and Pizza.
It had the colosseum, the forum and many villas.
If anyone is wondering what the colosseum actully is, it’s a roman games pitch they fought animals.
We were staying in the arco degli acetari, which was also a famous place. You could put your head in the fountain to cool you down. There was a fountain that was HUGE! Also, the Vatican city (the worlds smallest country) was a very small part of rome. It had a museum, and a famous church (called Saint Peters.). Good advice is to always carry a water bottle! Luckily the tap water is drinkable here, so you can get a cold drink from the tap.

5 thoughts on “Rome

  1. I enjoyed reading about Rome, Silas. I used to live in Italy and I miss it very much. I liked Italian icecream (gelato) and the pizza there is great. I also loved Rome and thought the Coliseum was fantastic. Did you go inside?

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  2. When I was in Rome I was really excited to see the Forum. I read about it in Latin a while ago and it was a thrill to see the real thing that Roman poets and writers wrote about hundreds of years ago.


  3. When I went to Rome, I was about the same age as you, and I loved the drinking fountains in the squares. Do they still have those? Not the big fountains with statues, but small metal pillars with water spurting up, that you can drink.


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