Pyramiden (Пирамида)


23rd october 2017

We went on an exciting boat trip to pryamiden. It was near a large glacier. Pyramiden is a russian settlement, which was an old mining town used in 1927, abandoned in 1998.
There were loads of colourful, smashed, tall buildings. The land was dusty very dusty, because it was a mining town, and mines make the land very dusty. I felt quite scared as we explored the spooky buildings. We had a guide called Sergi, who taught us about it. He is one of the 5 people who live in the small hotel.

6 thoughts on “Pyramiden (Пирамида)

  1. I’ve read your piece on Pyramiden. It was very well written and I felt as though I was there!

    Is there a lot of tourism there or is it seasonal?


  2. As I read the piece on Pyramiden, I thought back to the days when my son was running cross-country in high school. We took a camping trip for a week of high-altitude training with the team at Mammoth Mountain, California. During that week, we took a day trip to Bodie State Historic Park. Bodie was a gold mining boom town that arose around 1876 and lasted almost to the Roaring Twenties. If you are interested, there is a Wikipedia article about Bodie,,_California

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