Husky travellers

2E555E91-6317-4461-9F09-FAEAB02214BBDog sledging, Husky Travellers

25th October 2017

This dog sledging place is a really good dog sledging place.
You get to go along the road to longyearbyen and you even get to go off-roading! It is located in a small cottage in a quiet remote area near Mine 7. You can even get to see the dogs and they jump on top of you! It was probably the best thing I did on my holiday. The driver lets you drive the cart! His dogs have even been to the North Pole.



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  1. theghostofchristmaspresents says:

    This looks amazing Silas, so much fun! x x x

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  2. Helen Roche says:

    What beautiful dogs. Some dogs love to have things to do. I bet they don’t even mind the cold.

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  3. Grandma says:

    I am not a “doggy” person, but these are beautiful. Auntie Katey had one and it was so protective


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